Edinburgh’s Christmas and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay generate over £240 million for the city

27th May 2015

Following an evaluation study of Edinburgh's Winter Festivals by Culture Republic, we're delighted to announce that the 2014/15 Edinburgh's Christmas and Hogmanay programme of events generated an economic impact of £241.4m for the city of Edinburgh. Almost 1 million unique visitors came to the 6-week festive period of Edinburgh's Christmas and Hogmanay.

Here are some key facts and figures:

- Edinburgh’s Christmas direct economic impact was £118.8 million (£199.5m when ‘advance impact’ multipliers are applied); Edinburgh’s Hogmanay direct economic impact was £24.9m (£41.8m when ‘advance impact’ multipliers are applied).

- The economic impact study was only based on unique visitors; and excluded spend by Edinburgh residents, and only included those people who said they were in Edinburgh solely or mainly because of either event.

- 62% of attendees at Edinburgh’s Christmas and 78% of attendees at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay came from outside Edinburgh and the Lothians.

- Edinburgh's Christmas attracted 886,651 unique visitors who made 2.86m visits to the two sites over the 44-day festival.

- Edinburgh’s Hogmanay attracted 80,908 unique visitors and 150,000 attendances to the events over 3 days.

- Audiences travelled from 70 countries around the world to attend Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.

- Data supplied by Marketing Edinburgh shows that hotel room occupancy in the city centre increased to 74% in December, showing a relative increase of 10.8% in the last two years, and hotel occupancy in Edinburgh city centre was at 99% over the New Year period.

Thanks to everyone that visited, for making the events such a success!

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