Edinburgh Fringe

Underbelly is a major promoter of shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and each year presents an exciting and diverse season, spanning comedy, circus, theatre, music and family shows. The festival reaches an audience of national and international festival and venue bookers, and the world's media, as well as hundreds of thousands of festival goers. 

Underbelly's productions at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 were: Brainiac Live, Splash Test Dummies, Austentatious, Circa: Wolfgang, Burn the Floor: Rebels of Ballroom, Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams, Shift, Universoul Circus: Hip Hop Under The Big Top, Don't Tell Me Not To Fly, Tabarnak, Little Death Club, Circolombia, Abandoman (AKA Rob Broderick) - Pirate Radio, SPANK!, Edinburgh Comedy Allstars, Rhys Nicolson - Seminal, Steen Raskopoulos: Stay, Underbelly's Big Brain Benefit.  

Underbelly in association productions: Angry Alan by Penelope Skinner 

Underbelly Untapped: It's True, It's True, It's True, dressed., Queens of Sheba. 


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