Underbelly Festival

World-class entertainment at our beautiful pop-up festival.


Underbelly Festival is London’s original cultural pop-up festival.

Underbelly Festival, a feast of top-quality live entertainment, atmospheric outdoor bars and premium street food and drink, is one of the UK’s top summer festivals. It has been a London cultural icon for over a decade and is London’s original pop-up festival.

Created in 2009, on the bank of the Thames between the London Eye and Royal Festival Hall, the festival has become a recognised and much anticipated part of London’s vibrant summer calendar of cultural events.

It is known as both London’s affordable festival of live entertainment and a festival with multiple strands of programming which cater for all ages, all demographics and importantly those that might not otherwise go into a traditional theatre.

Underbelly Festival is fun, accessible, informal and suited to an incredibly wide audience that wants to be entertained in the truest sense of the word.

Underbelly Festival is also about socialising, whether that’s with family, friends or co-workers. We provide a home for award winning street food operators and we create a wonderful, safe, alfresco F&B environment at the festival.

Since it’s opening in 2009, Underbelly Festival has sold over 1.2M tickets to shows and welcomed millions more to its festival site for socialising and free summer entertainment.

"One of the city's most vibrant cultural celebrations, promoting the best new British performance art alongside seasoned world-class entertainers"

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